Need to allow elastic to search including / character on front-end of Magento e-commerce store


We have installed elastic search on our Magento store. On the whole it works fantastic, however, we sell Hand Tools and part of this means that almost all of our products are in the following size:


So when some searches for '1/4" Socket 32mm' the search gets stripped to '1', the autocomplete also returns no results.

I have raised it with the developer of the extension and they advise:

"You could probably modify the way the data are indexed by customizing the configuration sent to the ES server when indexing (file : app/code/local/Wyomind/Elasticsearch/Helper/Data.php, method : getStoreIndexSettings) but I don't know what could be exactly this configuration."

I am not technical and do not know anything about Elasticsearch, therefore I am trying to find help interpreting what may work for us, or hiring someone to make the correct modifications.


Anyone got any ideas?

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