Failed activate basic license

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I've installed ELK with docker.
I need activate Kibana, because we need Monitor tab in Kibana.
I received json license.
How should I activate it?
I found this cmdline:
curl -XPUT -u elastic 'http://:/_xpack/license' -d @license.json
But I receive error:

[root@centos tmp]# curl -XPUT -u root 'http://localhost:9200/_xpack/license' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d SomeName.json
Enter host password for user 'root':
No handler found for uri [/_xpack/license] and method [PUT][root@centos tmp]#
[root@centos tmp]# curl http://localhost:9200
"name" : "02oa-5T",
"cluster_name" : "elasticsearch",
"cluster_uuid" : "8o6PCGdMT1GfsEYdGqyKEA",
"version" : {
"number" : "5.6.6",
"build_hash" : "7d99d36",
"build_date" : "2018-01-09T23:55:47.880Z",
"build_snapshot" : false,
"lucene_version" : "6.6.1"
"tagline" : "You Know, for Search"

Also, Do I need before install X-Pack? If yes, should I use it inside kibana container or in real host?

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Try adding a @ in front of your filename:

curl -XPUT -u root 'http://localhost:9200/_xpack/license' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @SomeName.json

Also, have you really set up a user named root in Elasticsearch?

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