Failed maps

Hi, I don't see the maps in Kibana and I don't know why :frowning:

Hello @cristianaxion -

What time filter are you using? Does it select any documents? While your screenshot doesn't show any map data it appears none of the other dashboard visualizations have any data to display either.

Hi matt,
I have packetbeat configured and it collects data from the connected client and in the visualization map it doesn't show me anything ... do you want me to show you some configuration file?

Thank you for the screenshot. It confirms that there's data for the time period you're attempting to map. My next step is to verify that geo information is present in the correct format. First, we should make sure that you have a GeoIP processor configured - Then it might be good to verify that its stored and queryable as described here -

If you need further help it would be good to post your elastic stack version and the field mappings of the index you're querying -

I have related the steps of the links that you have passed me and they do not follow me without appearing anything on the map, I am working with version 6.8.2 and I show you the filters if you can help me ??

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