Failed to flush the buffer

Hi @all
I am using elasticsearch version: 7.16.2 and fluentd version: 1.14.4 on aws eks cluster and it's throwing bufferoverflow error like
failed to flush the buffer. retry_times=0 next_retry_time=2024-01-19 07:43:43 +0000 chunk="60f428e5b5afa3f00a2c579591a1d111" error_class=Fluent::Plugin::ElasticsearchOutput::RecoverableRequestFailure error="could not push logs to Elasticsearch cluster

So could anyone help me here to resolve this issue?
Note: I have already tried increasing chunk size and other buffer configuration and i am using file based buffer configuration.

Hi @Music_World,

It looks to be an issue with the Fluent plugin. I found a similar issue on StackOverflow which suggests looking at the default_timeout setting. can you check and see if the solution in this thread resolves your issue?

Hope that helps!

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