Failed to make a string raw for date

I want to search a date field without using range. So I decided to make a string raw to search into it as it is text:

 "myDate": {
                            "type": "date",
                            "format": " yyyy-MM-dd || yyyy-MM || Y ||date_hour_minute_second",
                            "fields": {
                                "raw": {
                                    "type": "string",
                                    "index": "not_analyzed",
                                    "null_value": "",
                                    "doc_values": true

But it shows up in kibana nothing for myDate.raw. Any idea?


When you say that nothing shows up in Kibana for myDate.raw are you looking at the Discover tab?

If so, I think that's normal. In an index of mine I have both extension and extension.raw. You can see them in the Management > Index Patterns screen when I select that index pattern and filter on extension;

And then in Discover, I don't see extension.raw by default, but if I click the settings gear, and then uncheck Hide Missing Fields, I see it. But when I add it to the doc view it doesn't show any values.

But in Visualize, it's the other way around. I can't do an aggregation on extension but I can on extension.raw (see the first screenshot where it shows which of them is aggregatable).


Thanks for your reply. You are right about this. I do some other investigation and realized when they both are string it works and I can search thru the .raw. But when one is date and the other is string, there is no result.

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