Failed to start elastic search


Good day.

Can you help me with my problem with elastic search?

Currently, i am building a Wazuh siem that uses elastic search functions.

As I checked, Filebeat, kibana services are running. But the elasticsearch service is not running.

I already stop and restart the elasticsearch service and reboot the VM.

But still, elastic search is not working.

In addition, i am using ubuntu- .ova in building siem (wazuh)


Failed to start elasticsearch.
Unit elasticsearch.service entered failed state.
elasticksearch.service failed


I think it's better if you share your elasticsearch file logs that you can find in /var/log/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.log

Hi, thank you for that answer.

Can you help me find that path. I have no idea finding that path.

Currently, I'm on the root. And once I used the ls command. It shows me this.


Please help :slight_smile:

Im a newbie with elasticsearch.

Thank you in advance

Hey hunter please see image

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