Failover mechanism of master nodes

I have one web application in which IP address of one the 3 master eligible nodes is configured for using elasticsearch.
Now if this configured node goes down, and my web app will hit the same IP address, will the request be catered from the elected master node or not?

So you have a web app with ALL three IPs, and you want to know if that node goes down, what happens?

The cluster will keep running fine, but if your app still tries to connect to that node, it will time out. Usually you'd use a load balancer with health check in front of that, so requests only go to healthy nodes.

This has nothing to do with masters, which will be fine, but with how your app connects to a dead node's IP - if I'm understanding your question correctly.

If you are using one of the official clients, they will detect the node has disappeared and will remove it from the connection pool that it maintains.

@warkolm - Thanks, didn't think this applied to non-threaded languages like PHP, etc. though seems it does - we don't use the official libs as too tied to specific ES versions.

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