Setting up elasticsearch with NLB, what happens if master node goes down?


I have set up a ElasticSearch cluster with NLB (Network load balancing). It
all works very well, but I have a question about when/if a node goes down.

ElasticSearch, should then choose another node as master, the most eligible
on? Right? But what happens for me is this.It is to seperate scenarious
that I can't wrap my head around.

  1. Ok, I shutdown the master node. Then the virtual ip stops responding and
    I get 404. It seems like NLB is still trying to direct all the traffic to
    the master node which I shutdown. The host is still up, only the
    elasticsearch application is shutdown. So how do I make NLB try the other
    host? Which infact is up and running.

  2. I shutdown one node, not the master. The virtual ip setup with NLB still
    responds and I can access the head plugin via it. So far so good. But, if I
    try to access my site ( mvc using NEST) using the cluster IP get

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

.Which is very strange, since the virtual ip is up and running and I can
access everything via the head plugin.

So the questions are, how do I tell NLB to try the other host when
elasticsearch master node is down, but the server is still up, and why does
my cluster become inaccessible when I shut down one of the other nodes in
it. Am I missing some configuration?



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