What happens when a the Elasticsearch server you're querying goes down?

We are discussing how to handle this, and I'm not sure if we're misunderstanding something. We are querying one of our three Elasticsearch nodes (e.g. elasticsearch1.ourdomain.com) and are wondering what will happen if that server goes down. Whether it's for updating software or some kind of other issue, that would mean our software just stops working, right?

To ensure this doesn't happen, should we set up a load balancer in front of our cluster?

Depends how you are interacting with it.
If you use one of the clients we maintain it should timeout and retry another node. Otherwise, a load balancer makes sense.

Thanks! Would you say most people use one of the clients or a load balancer?


Lol, I meant which would you say most use?

That's pretty impossible to measure. Just pick one that works for you and stick with it :slight_smile:

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