Fatal CLI Error cannot find module to-regex while starting Kibana

Hi All,

I have installed Kibana 7.13. I am not able to start Kibana using "systemctl start kibana". I keep seeing the following errors when I run journalctl -u kibana -f

fatal CLI Error cannot find module to-regex

I am installing this on Centos7 and have all the packages updated.

Hi @Ashutosh ,

Did you install Kibana with RPM? I suggest looking into official docs about installation & start on RPM-base OS (Centos7 is in the list)

Is it 7.13.4 that you have downloaded?

Regards, Dima

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I have installed using RPM as well as the Yum Repository as stated in the official docs. Both gave the same error. Finally, I did a clean installation of the server OS, post which it worked.


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