Fatal port of kibana is already used

[fatal] Port 5601 is already in use. Another instance of Kibana may be running!
this always happens with me when running kibana , there is an other instance that is running i tryed to kill the processus with kill -9 PID of kibana after identifying its PID with the command ps aux | grep 'kibana' but the instance is still running what to do !!!! any helpp !!!

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How did you install Kibana?

i downloaded a tar.gz then decompress it .

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it only work if i kill the processus but each time i use the kill -9 PID he tells that no such process is found so i research for an other PID of kibana then i rekill it the same message appear until i rerun kibana and the error dissapear.

This problem only happens if i run kibana then i let it running for a long period of time without using it, in this case when i return to the SSH sshell secure that i use i cannot exit.

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