Feature Request: add selection of time range in panel as filter in dashboard


Since we migrated from kibana 3 to kibana 5 I really miss one thing.

use case:

First I set a big time interval by the time picker of kibana.
then, When I localized my anomaly, I select a more precise time range by marking it in an histogram panel.

Now we have different behavior in kibana 3 and 5.
kibana 3: the new time interval is set as additional filter. It overrides the time set in kibana time picker. To undo the change I can delete / disable the filte element.
kibana 5 / 5: the value of the time picker changes. To undo the change I may click on browser's back button, but if I set another filter in the meantime, I also lose this one.

Currently I feel that I am loosing a lot of time by copying timestamps which I note in notepad or in another browser tab from here to there.

It would be great, if you can choose for kibana on how to work with time selections (do the way it is now OR use filters like in kibana 3).

Maybe you'll find this interesting.

Hi @asp,

thank you for the suggestion. I understand the use case, but I guess it might be confusing to not have the timepicker represent the currently active time interval. Maybe this feature request could be applicable to your use case as well?

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