Kibana 5.5.1 - filter by timestamp disables time picker functionality


Hi guys,

I'm using kibana 5.5.1 and worked with kibana 3 before. I don't understand following behaviour in kibana 5.

My Steps:

-> Discover -> Add a filter -> @timestamp is between -> from: now-15m, to: now -> Save -> Save -> Save Search ...

This saved search now always limits the time range to 15 minutes regardless of what time range I specify via time picker.

Choosing 1h range via time picker will enlarge the diagram space but the data returned will still use the range of 15m defined via filter. I have to edit the filter to change it.

In kibana 3 applying a filter defined the time range when the saved search was opened but changing it via time picker also showed the results from the new given range.

So using filter by timestamp makes time picker useless. Is this the intended behaviour or can the kibana 3 behaviour described above also be reached for kibana 5?

Thanks a lot.

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So, if you add a Filter by timestamp and also add time picker absolute time range , it becomes an AND function. It will fetch all the results by AND operation, which defeats the purpose. Timepicker is the recommended option and that's the default behavior in 5.x. I would stick with that.



Thanks for your feedback.

I would like to have a predefined time range for a saved search.

Using kibana 5 the time range specified by time picker is not saved within the saved search.

Could I achieve this with kibana 5 without having to use the filter by timestamp? (Which actually leads to the mentioned unwanted behaviour.)

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Also you could subscribe to this PR : this is a work-in-progress:

This is work in progress. It will allow users to explicitly say if they want a chart to use the global time-filter or not...will be 6.x thing only though. You will have to upgrade when that's in.

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