Time Range and Filters not always working in Kibana 5.4.2

Selecting a time range either through the time picker or visually in a graph does not always update the dashboard with the new time. Sometimes it will work the first time, but then won't work anymore. The workaround is to enable auto-refresh. On the auto-refresh interval it will update the dashboard with the new time.

Similar problem with filters. Sometimes they will work and appear at the top, under the filter bar. Other times they will work, but not appear. Other times they will not work. Again, enabling auto-refresh will cause the dashboard to update with the selected filter. However, the filters still will not appear under the filter bar. And that being the case, there is no way to disable the filters.

Sounds like a bug. Do you have any plugins installed? Does hard refreshing the page instead of using auto refresh work?

Is this happening on all areas of kibana? We had a similar bug only on the dashboard page (but not discover and visualize) earlier and I'm wondering if it's related.

Yes, I have Timelion and Sense installed. But then again, Kibana 5.4.2 ships with them, so maybe they are not considered plugins.

And yes, it happens only on the dashboard page, but not discover or visualize.

Hi jbudz. Is there any other information I can provide, or anything I can do to help track this down? It is a show-stopper for a new product that we are releasing soon,

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