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Hey folks!

I'm new here. I've started learning about Elasticsearch and Kibana this week. I've decided to write a Medium story with an introduction for it, using my point of view according to some tutorials I saw.

I made this tutorial to reinforce the knowledge I've just acquired and to help others who are also starting.

I would love if you from community could give me some feedback about this short tutorial. As I'm new, maybe there is some information wrong there, or something that can be better explained. I would love to hear about that to improve the tutorial and my knowledge about Elasticsearch and Kibana.

The medium story is here

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for sharing!

Install Java: should be version 7 or greater.

For elasticsearch 6, you need now Java 8.

A type is a logical category/partition of an index whose semantics is complete. It is defined for documents that have a set of common fields. You can define more than none type in your index. It’s a category inside index, partitioning an index. For example, for the index people, you may have clients, vendors, and so on.

I'd not mention that as this is going to be removed and anyway, you can't do that in 6.x anymore.

You spoke at the end of URI search. It's not the best way to query elasticsearch IMO and I always prefer using the QueryDSL instead. Matter of taste I guess :slight_smile:

Anyway, that's great you wrote that. Thanks!

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Thanks for your feedback, David.

It was very useful. I've updated the Java version to 8, removed the type information, as you suggested, and inserted a new section below URI search, about QueryDSL, with a short description and an example about it.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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