Fetch system date and time for remote serverd

In Kibana dashboard, we would like to specifically get the system date and time of a remote server.
We have installed metricbeat agent in that server.

Could you please help to know how to use query in Kibana dashboard to get the system date and time of a monitoring server?

Hi @Anagha_nambiar

So you are trying to query in realtime the system time of a remote server that metricbeat is running on?

If so apologies, but that is not supported, Metricbeat only writes data it does not have a direct query interface other than for info and stats

Of course every metric / event that is ingested has a @timestamp which is the timestamp of when the event originated, it respect the timezone of the originating system and is stored in UTC in Elasticsearch.

If you are really interested in a real-time query you would need to Look Into OSQuery

You will need to use the Elastic Agent and the OSQuery Module.

Yes, I am trying to query in realtime the system date & time of a remote server.

Thank you for the docs. I will go through them.

But using timestamp, can we fetch system time from servers?

No I am just saying the @timestamp that comes with the metricset document represents the timestamp from the server ... if you are collecting say CPU every 10s (or uptime etc.. etc) in essence you are getting the server time every 10s ... but you can not directly query the server unless you use the OSQuery functionality.

Okay, I got you.

  1. Does OSQuery available with the free basic version?
  2. What about using Elasticsearch SQL in canvas?
    Can we use that functionality?

Yes See Feature vs Subscription here

To get the server time ... no ... Elasticsearch SQL is just a SQL layer on top of Elasticsearch

Or are you asking if SQL and Canvas are Basic? Yes both are.

See the subscription Page referenced above

Thank you @stephenb for the same.
I will update here once after referring the docs.

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