Fetching unique data

Hi All,
I have following data
ID: 1, fldname: pawan
ID: 1, fldname: pawan1
ID: 1, fldname: pawan2
ID: 2, fldname: pawan3
ID: 3, fldname: pawan4
ID: 4, fldname: pawan5

I am trying to get unique data based on ID field, similar to what we get in MySQL while firing group by queries like:
select * from table_name where fldname like 'pawan%' group by ID
This will return unique values. Same works in sphinx search when we use group by function.

Is there any way to get unique values in elasticsearch..?

Below is my sample mapping:
"mappings": {
"my_type": {
"properties": {
"docid": {
"type": "keyword"
"flgname": {
"type": "text"

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