How to get exact unique doc count based on some fields

Any way to find exact unique document count ..

based on some fields..

I have also tried cardinality its not working as expected

I use sql, for example

select username from index_name group by username

Thank you Sachin ,
How we can do in elasticsearch .. ???

How much data are you querying? What is the expected cardinality you are measuring? What is the use case?

Hi ,

I have 100K documents on one index pattern like (localhost_com_1005_do_br_scs_618229232191937012_8662_*). There is one field called id , so just need unique document count based on id.keyword.

Because may be chances to get duplicate while querying with index pattern ..

How many of indices and shards does that correspond to? What is the total size on disk?

There is only one shard no replica . 200GB is disk size.

I go to kibana - dev tool

GET _sql?format=txt
  "query": """
        select count(*), id
    from "localhost_com_1005_do_br_scs_618229232191937012_8662_*" 
        group by id

Problem you might face is that id is also a elasticsearch field.

use following to see what exactly field name listed in elasticsearch

GET sql?format=txt
"query": """
desc "localhost_com_1005_do_br_scs_618229232191937012_8662

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