Field Data Format not working when using bucket in Visualize

The field is using Btyes format, it works fine in Discovery and Average aggregation in Visualize.

Indices Pattern Page:

Average Aggregation:

But when I changed to average aggregation by Max bucket, it turns to number format. Is this normal? Or What can I do to let it display in Bytes format again?

HI @byakuinss,

I was able to reproduce the issue, thanks for binging this to our attention. We would appreciate it if you filed a new issue on GitHub describing the problem as you did here.

In the meantime as a workaround I would suggest using the "Visual Builder" visualization type to create a "Metric" visualization:


Hi @weltenwort

Thanks for your kindly suggestion. I will create an issue on Github of this problem.
I also tried to use the "Visual Builder" to create the Metric visualization, but I got the same issue while using both Average Aggregation and Overall Max Bucket. By the way, my elasticsearch and kibana versions are 5.4.1.

Did you select "Bytes" as the "Data Formatter" in the metric options? Unfortunately the Visual Builder does not honor the field formatters configured in the index patterns automatically.


Oh, I see! Sorry, I didn't notice the settings on options page.
I tried it again and it works fine. I will use Visual Builder to create Metric visualization from now on.
Very grateful for your help!

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