Field is number in JSON, but not in Kibana

I am trying to create some visualizations with my nginx logs and so I need to convert the "size" field to a number from a string. I decided to do it on the fluentd end as it was easier than dealing with dynamic templates.

It seems like it worked on the fluentd end because if I look at the JSON for the log, it shows "size" as a number:


And yet, Kibana still shows it as a string and I cannot create a visualization with it.

Any idea how I can get Kibana to reflect what type is in the document?


My first guess would be that the Index Pattern must be refreshed - did you try that? This can be found in Kbiana under "Management" => "Kibana" => "Index Pattern". Now select the pattern for your index and click on the refresh icon on the upper right.

Best regards