Fields with a "dot" in them do not persist

I'm trying to use Painless to do a transform for a Slack alert message. I believe I've followed the standard for using Painless to be able to persist the field that have a dot in them. However, those fields always show up as null. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is the request:

And here is the response. Notice that agent.version and host.hostname are NULL in the transform.

Hey there jayson,

In your transform, instead of referring to the fields like data._source['host.hostname'], try referring to the fields like

Does that still give null values?

That did work. Thank you. I read in another post that Painless needed the brackets around the fields that had "." in the field name. I removed those and it worked great.
Some info below for others to reference and understand better in the future.
['host']['hostname'] traverses the host object and accesses the hostname key
['host.hostname'] accesses the key "host.hostname" which doesn’t exist

Excellent! Great to hear that worked for ya :slight_smile:

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