File Name in Kibana Report

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In these moments when we generate a report from Kibana and we export it to CSV we obtain a file with a name with this format or similar "jequmsq202rkd7699226sij5"
My query is. Is it possible to specify the name and extension of this report in the kibana configuration?
I have reviewed the configuration options of kibana and I do not see anything.
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Unfortunately, there is no way to configure this today. We've finished working on this change though, and it's currently targeting a 6.3.0 release.

Hi Adolfo,
In the version which will be released shortly, 6.3 - we will be deriving the name of the .csv from the saved object name. They will no longer see random characters in the filenames. Look out for the next release and I would suggest you to upgrade your kibana instance.

cc / @Brandon_Kobel


Hi friends

Thanks for the update.


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