CSV file extension error

Would like to know where do i set the CSV download file name and extension name?

Please refer to my print screen, the file name is '.csv[1]'. And if i choose the Save As option, i can see that the Save as type format is something weird 'CSV[1] File (*.csv[1])'

As you can see in the print screen, i am not able to save or open the CSV file.

Is it settings issue?

What version of Kibana is running?

It looks like you're trying to export data from a saved search on a dashboard? It seems strange there is no title to the visualization? The title is usually included in the export and maybe that impacts the file extension.

I am using version 7.8.0 ELK on windows server 2016 standard. Yes, you are correct, the export was done from a saved search on a dashboard.

I found out that the title is a MUST have element.

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