Download CSV file name with visualization Name

Hi all,

I'm using Kibana 7.4.1.

I create a data table and include it in my dashboard.
When i try to download CSV on formatted button I'm only able to download filename table.CSV.
For all visualizations, name of file is table.CSV

Anyway to change file name to visualization_name.CSV instead of table.CSV or export.CSV

Hey @Sandeep_Raju

I don't think you can change the default name in the Kibana version you use. I checked the most recent 8.3 stack and it behaves the way you expect: report name is the name of dashboard / saved search /etc

Regards, Dima

I'm actually talking about visualization report that we download. All report downloads are export.csv or table.csv.All reports i download are export.csv and i have to rename them all.
It would be nice to have visualization_name.csv.

I want visualization_name.csv.


As I said before, visualisation name is applied for a title on exporting data in the current 8.3 stack release, unfortunately it won't be backported to older versions (7.4.x) since it is not a critical blocker.

Regards, Dima

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