File Name in Kibana Report in 6.4.1


Hi all,

I faced with a problem that was discussed in the following topic:

Any news about this in 6.4.1 or may be feature request that could be monitored? It is very important for us to add .csv extension to file name for our business partners.


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The report is currently exported with .csv in the name and the name of the saved object. I tested it just now on Kibana 6.4.0. Are you seeing different results?


Something strange.
I set up ELK 6.4.1 on my local computer with windows archive and have .csv extension reporting as you said. But when i upgraded my ELK from 6.2.1 to 6.4.1 on Red Hat work stand with rpm package instalation i have not got .csv extension reporting and my file names are trash.
What other details could i provide you to help me with these strange things?

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6.4.2 to 6.4.1? Do you mean maybe 5.4.2?


Sorry, 6.2.1 to 6.4.1


I experemented with my 6.4.1 Kibana version after uprade and found out that new searches, that was saved after upgrading could be reported as .csv extension, but my old discovers that was created on 6.2.1 version are reported in no csv extension and with bad file names.
Is this a bug or i somehow could reupdate my discovers?

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That sounds like a bug, i'll investigate it as it seems weird. In the meantime maybe export and re-importing them could fix it.


Hi Marius,

Any news on this bug?

I've tried to change versions in my dashboard template to 6.4.1, but this does not help.
Also, i've tried to compare json of my bad exported discovers and those that are exported well and there are no discrepancies at all between them.
By the way, i am using import-dashboard api to import my objects to servers, maybe it is important here. That's why I dont want to reexport-import my objects now, because i will need to change them after export for import to import-dashboard-api format.

So, any help wil be appreciated.


Export and manual re-import is also not solving the problem :frowning:

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I tried it locally now and it seems to be able to generate reports OK after upgrading. The only ones with the old name and no csv extension are the ones that were already generated in version 6.2.1.
I did this:

  1. created a saved search in 6.2.1 and generated a report on it = random name + no csv extension
  2. upgraded to 6.4.1 and created a new saved search + generated a report on it = good name + csv extension.
  3. generated a report on the old saved search = good name + csv extension.

Is this different from your experience?


Hi @Marius_Dragomir, thanks for the answer
Yea, step 3 is different for me. old saved searches after upgrading are still generating bad name + bad extension report. I have tried to manually export-reimport them or change version inside template, but it does not help.

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Is there any saved search that has problems that you could upload here? I would like to try importing it in my local instance and check it.
If not, we could try and look in the verbose logs.
Add logging.verbose: true in kibana.yml, restart kibana, generate a CSV report on a good saved search, then one on a bad saved search and the upload the kibana log here.



Ok, @Marius_Dragomir. I add logging.verbose and those are my kibana log. bad Test and good test correspond respectively to bad naming and good naming examples.


Hi, @Marius_Dragomir.
Do my examples help you to solve my problem?

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