Filebeat for Raspberry Pi

Hi Guys,
just checking i am trying to setup a system where the logstash server is hosted locally on prem and the elasticsearch + kibana are in the cloud. Anyone has any suggestions/tips around this? I tried to do some research but havent met much projects around it.


What's the problem?

Apologies I was not clear enough... I am still quite new to this field....
I am trying to setup logstash with filebeat on a raspberry pi to push logs to a cloud server with elastic search and kibana. I am stuck at installing filebeat on the pi ? Cant seem to find a correct package for it.

I don't think we support this yet.
Would you mind changing the title then?

I ve seen a few blogs were they built it from source. however ive not tried it so far. Anything you would suggest instead of that?

Nothing from my side but Issue upgrade from 6.7 to 7 for single node

I moved your question to #beats:filebeat and changed the title.

Archlinux are awesome and build these (and a lot of the other beats too) -

Please also add a :+1: to this issue if you'd like to see these as an official option for ARM :smiley:

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