Filebeat on raspberry pi 3

I wanna know if is it possible to install filebeat from elasticstack (I need it to get logs file from an indoor camera) on raspberry pi 3 and if yes does anyone have a tutorial or can teach me the process?

It's no different to Set up and run Filebeat | Filebeat Reference [8.1] | Elastic, just use the aarch64 packages.

Do I have to install Elasticsearch and Kibana with it or there is no need?

What are you wanting Filebeat to do with the logs?

I want to send an alert to a mobile application whenever there is a new address ip connected to the camera

Fwiw, the aarch64 binaries don't seem to work on my RaspberryPi 4

pi@raspberrypi:~/filebeat-8.2.0-linux-arm64 $ ./filebeat version
-bash: ./filebeat: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

I documented the process I used for a home project on Monitoring my home internet with Elastic

It looks like the Raspberry Pi 3 only has 1GB of ram which is going to be too small for Elasticsearch and Kibana. You can output to a cloud deployment and alert from there ( though.

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