Filebeat for zLinux (IBM mainframe zOS Linux)

We want to use filebeat to get some app logs on zLinux which is linux mainframe version provided by IBM zOS. It is not intel based system, it is IBM S/390 machine.

what we did was the follow two steps (which worked with Red Hat Linux)

curl -L -O
rpm -vi filebeat-7.2.0-x86_64.rpm

the rpm was not successful, we got an message as "package filebeat-7.2.0-1.x86_64 is intended for a different architecture". Should believe this would be the same with metricbeat which we didnt try.

Any suggestion for making filebeat work on zLinux. BTW: splunk works on zLinux (we can collect logs on zLinux with splunk).


Any comments/feedback from elasticsearch filebeat support & product team regarding this question??

@jiawang We do not currently support that architecture., I know that some walkthrough exist to compile to that architecture. But I haven't tested it.

We also have this issue open for some time.

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