Filebeat httpjson input

Hi Im trying to use filebeat httpjson to ingest some mongodb atlas metrics but Im struggling with the authentication, Its looks by the way the examples in mongo atlas site that they use digest authentication


curl -s --user 'user:password' --digest \
 --header 'Accept: application/json' \
 --request GET ""

Is there a way to implement this request via httpjson?

Best regards

Hi @humartinez, unfortunately we do not support digest authentication for Filebeat httpjson input.

It won't be supported or its currently unsupported? Any workarround?

There is work to add chained http requests to the input that would probably enable u to do this, though you'd have to do most of it manually.

Hi @humartinez, at the moment this is not on our roadmap, but you can open a feature request on our GitHub.

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