How to use request.ssl in Filebeat httpjson Input

Hi there, i want to know how using request.ssl in Filebeat input on httpjson type. So, here's an overview of the config I made:

- type: httpjson
  config_version: 2
   - verification_mode: "none"
    - set:
        target: header.Kong-Admin-Token
        value: 'xxxxxxxx'
    type: array

i use this config to fetch audit log from kong. but when i restart the filebeat, i'm getting error like this

ERROR [input.httpjson-stateless] v2/input.go:115 Error while processing http request: failed to execute http client.Do: failed to execute http client.Do: Get "": Get "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

at first, i think if i'm adding a request.ssl parameter, it will bypass ssl verification but apparently not. anyone know what parameter should i define in my config so my filebeat can fetch audit log from kong? your help will mean a lot


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