Filebeat Install Documentation Not Clear

Guys I hope to increase the installs and usage of Filebeat by 100 fold on Mac if you will listen.

  1. Apt is often not available on Mac.
  2. 90% of us WILL use brew to install Filebeat.
  3. When we install Filebeat using brew we really dont know where the filebeat.yml file is located without doing a search for it.
  4. The default filebeat.yaml is not structured for a MAC or brew install.
  5. In particular registration directory is not created or I have not idea where it is located. But its definitely not created where indicated in filebeat.yml. Should we grep for /filebeat/registration ? Do you expect everyone to do this?

So I would suggest to immediately document how to FULLY install filebeats using brew on a Mac. And secondly assist the brew install folks to actually create the registration directory as needed.

Lets make beats easy to use on the most popular developer machine there is ok? Just try install it on a Mac using brew from scratch and experience this from a new users perspective please.

Might be good if someone at elastic was also monitoring stack overflow. 2 years is a long time for this question to be sitting around:

One other thing I notice and this might have to do with my user but the data directory is not created by default in the home directory when installing via homebrew. Maybe not needed but given that some things default to this directory it might make sense for this directory to be created.

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