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I have pointed out several days ago an issue with documentation about filebeat. Now I have yet another issue.Filebeat Install Documentation Not Clear
with Mac install. Its not connecting to the server, and I dont see any log file in the default /var/log directory. There is nothing there and I dont see any option to set log output either (for filebeat). Its documented but not present in the default filebeat.yml. What you guys dont seem to get is that we are installing with Homebrew. And its not really setting things up properly. You need to document this and in the meantime we need to be able to ask questions and get answers.

So for a company that should be all about communication this really stinks. I dont want to waste my time digging around looking for logs and creating directories that should have been setup on install. I am on a MacBook Pro. What is wrong with you guys that you dont have any interest in supporting install on most common developer machine there is? You have the resources to do this so why not? This tool should make development easier not harder. I dont have the time to dig around the Mac file system looking for log files to confirm an install, digging through filebeat.yml looking for log directory that is not there. This is just a massive waste of my time. This is so damn basic. Its just verify that install works on Mac. Thats it. Did any of you ever actually go through the process of installing Filebeat from scratch on a Mac the way a normal user would and just document the steps to see how cumbersome this is.

I just checked the filebeat.yml file and there is no entry for location of filebeat logs as indicated here. IS this feature not available or did you neglect to put in filebeat.yml or is there a good reason to leave this out of filebeat.yml? Why is there no entry for path.logs: /var/log/. in default filebeat.yaml?

I do not have an answer for you, but based on the nature of the question I suspect someone from the Beats team will need to read this and respond. It looks like you posted the initial issue on Friday and that it has not been picked it up over the weekend. Given that this forum is manned by volunteers, responses typically take longer over weekends. As far as I know a large portion of the Beats team are located in Europe, so there is also time difference to account for. I would therefore advise you to be patient and give it a day or two.

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While we are software engineers during our day jobs, we also have things outside work, especially the weekends, that we like to be able to do.

Please have patience and respect that we too are people with things that need doing on our time off :slight_smile:

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Ok, well I just had our system administrator take on the task of installing it on the Mac and I will copy you on his comment:

"I have installed and it looks not work properly"

So this is not about me. Its a general issue with installing on the Mac. He already successfully installed on Linux so it seems to be a Mac specific issue.

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