Filebeat netflow module inverting source and destination on host behind nat?


recently when I was working on a network problem I discovered the strange behavior of Kibana parsing the NetFlow docs.

I was looking for a top communication on the network and I noticed communication between host A and host B that stands out by a big factor.

When I check the dashboard kibana was saying that the communication was from Host A to B

But when I check the flow on BGP router I saw that the communication was from B to A.

Another Strange thing is that when I wanted to look by specifying the correct source address.
This is the output.

This is the output that shows the flow but in a direction that is not true.

I am sure that this problem is related to a lot of nat that is happening.
The source host is being and as well as the destination host.

How can I debug this? So elastic search does now show me the flow that is in the wrong direction?
Flow is sent from asa device and hosts are behind VPN.

So I have just triple check and It is behind double nat.

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