FileBeats on Solaris 11.3


I 've to ship log through Filebeats , its oracle EBS where weblogic is the core components.

Looking for Filebeat installation on Solaris 11.3 SPARC system, came through below link , which says TOPBEAT does not support with gosigar. Does file beat supported ?

Can somebody help me on this topic ?

None of the Elastic Beats is supported on sparc. There was an attempt to cross-compile Filebeat to sparc, but no success. Now all of the Beats require gosigar, so until that limitation is worked out, it is not possible to compile Filebeat.

OK, thanks for reply, Still needs to thinks what w'd be the alternative for that on solaries sparc.

Do we have any other option left by which we can ship EBS Application logs to Logstatsh ?

If yes can you suggest me how to do that ?

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