FileBeats on Solaris 11.3

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I 've to ship log through Filebeats , its oracle EBS where weblogic is the core components.

Looking for Filebeat installation on Solaris 11.3 SPARC system, came through below link , which says TOPBEAT does not support with gosigar. Does file beat supported ?

Can somebody help me on this topic ?

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None of the Elastic Beats is supported on sparc. There was an attempt to cross-compile Filebeat to sparc, but no success. Now all of the Beats require gosigar, so until that limitation is worked out, it is not possible to compile Filebeat.

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OK, thanks for reply, Still needs to thinks what w'd be the alternative for that on solaries sparc.

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Do we have any other option left by which we can ship EBS Application logs to Logstatsh ?

If yes can you suggest me how to do that ?

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