Filedatavisualizer is only reachable when using a user assigned to the original super_admin role (like elastic)

I have 7.6 version running with 4 instances (ELK + Heartbeat) with basic license and xpack enabled. The standard users have newly generated passwords. As an user which is assigned to the orginal super_admin role I can use the filedatavisualizer. If I create a role with same permissions as the system super_user role (all * * all) and kibana - I run into a 404 with the link: http://elasticserver:5601/app/ml#/filedatavisualizer. Error message is: {"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Not Found"}. How can i restrict access and in the same way grant access to the Filedatavisualizer?

Any hint where to start looking?

I believe you need to add the machine_learning_user or machine_learning_admin role to the user.

If you add a role through the UI, and click on Add space privileges under the Kibana heading you will have feature-level controls as well as specific information for stack monitoring and machine learning.

Also worth mentioning, Machine Learning is not available as part of basic so I assume you have started a trial.

Thanks, the machine_learning_user does the trick. In addition you need to switch on ML fur the user space. It even works for the basic license.

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