Filter a string value in kibana Timelion

I have a status field.

It has 5 values.

1 - completed
2 - pending
3 - ongoing
4 - cancelled
5 - upcoming

I want to see 5 lines in Timelion over time, giving values corresponding to the status.

But I am not getting on how to do this.

This is the expression I am using for 2 lines,

.es(index=vogo-database-2, q='status:cancelled') .es(index=vogo-database-2, q='status:completed')

But there is no change in the timelion. I think the filter is not working.

Even this expression does not change anything,




How can I achieve what I want ?

It is happening only on this index, and not any other.

What can be the reason for this ?

Hi @sLuvpreet33,

here are two points that come to mind:

  • If the primary timestamp field of your index vogo-database-2 is different from @timestamp, you can specify it in your query as in: .es(index="vogo-database-2", timefield="YOUR_TIMEFIELD")
  • You should be able to draw these 5 lines with just one query using the split argument to .es(): .es(index="vogo-database-2", timefield="YOUR_TIMEFIELD", split="status:10")
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