Filter Dashboard with missing field


I have dashboard with two visualizations, the first one is Pie ( with this: {"missing": "MyMissingValue"} in JSON Input ), a second one is metric

when i filter my dashboard with MyMissingValue, I have : no results found in pie and 0 in the metric,
My question is it possible to filter with missing filed and get the result ?

Kibana version 5.4

Thanks in advance

@ rashmi

Whatever filter is applied in the query-bar is used for all of the visualizations, there isn't a way to exclude a visualization from having a query-bar filter applied to it.

Hello Brandon_kobel, thanks for your replay
I think I misspoke my question, in my case, when I filter on a single visualization I have no results because I use the result of a missing field, in the first screen i have PIE with value of missing filed ( that i added in Json Input "MyMissing") so when i clique in the Result of missing field "MyMissing" (screen 3) i have no result

I hope my question is a little bit clearer. Thank you in advance.
@ Brandon_Kobel

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