Filter Data in Kibana Dashboard

I am injecting values trough MQTTbeats-->Logstash--->ElasticSearch---->Kibana

I want to get separate values for "Simulation Examples.Functions.Ramp2" and "Simulation Examples.Functions.Random4 tags " as specified in "V" parameter.

When using a table (or any visualization) "mqtt.message.fields.values.v" is available in Terms, but this doesnt give me individual values for "Simulation Examples.Functions.Ramp2" and "Simulation Examples.Functions.Random4" tags

The received json in Kibana is as below

event.module:mqtt event.dataset:mqtt.topic service.type:mqtt agent.version:8.0.agent.ephemeral_id:5d32e52d-0d90-4090-bc40-326b9470833a agent.hostname:LAPTOP-9B1F737E agent.type:machinebeat mqtt.isSystemTopic:false
{ "id": "Simulation Examples.Functions.Random4", "v": -814, "t": 1576612655382, "q": true },
{ "id": "Simulation Examples.Functions.Ramp2", "t": 1576612655382, "v": 186, "q": true },
{ "id": "Simulation Examples.Functions.Random4", "v": -24, "t": 1576612656387, "q": true },
{ "id": "Simulation Examples.Functions.Ramp2", "v": 185.25, "t": 1576612656387, "q": true },
{ "id": "Simulation Examples.Functions.Random4", "v": -785, "t": 1576612657390, "q": true },

Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Ok, if I understand correctly, you're trying to see the values of v, grouped by id?

You should just have to create a terms agg on the id field first, and then add a sub-bucket under that with a terms agg on the v field. It would look like this:

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