Filter Field in Metric Chart

(Shah) #1

I am using Kibana 4.5 I have a requirement to filter the content in Metric Chart similar to what we have filter in vertical bar chart.

I am pushing my hudson jobs status to elastic and trying to get the count of each product failure and success. I prefer display the count in "metrics chart" rather than graphical chart like vertical bar. In bar chat we have option to filter data but I don't see a option in metric chart to filter data.

My requirement matches to what is mentioned in here It will be difficult to write "discover query filters" and save them as I have around 100+ products and create those many visualizations is cumbersome. I want to just display one metric chart as below. I tried using the JSON input feature of Metrics chart and filter the data, but it didn't yield desired output. Am I missing some thing here. Is there a easy way to display the desired filtered data in one single chart?

Product 1 - [Failure count]
Product 1 - [Success Count]
Product 2 - [Failure Count]
Product 2 - [Success count]

(Tyler Smalley) #2

I believe this is due to there not being a filter aggregation for Metrics. Unfortunately, your only option for metrics is to use a saved search containing the data which you are interested in.

(Shah) #4

Thanks @tsmalley . Is this eligible for a enhancement request?

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