Filter for entry which begins wich specific term


I have a field case.
The entries of that field are for example "test/dev/bla1", "test/smth/bla", "dev/smth/..." .

Is it possible in Explore Tab to query for the entries which begin with "test/..." or "dev/..." ?

I would like to split the Visualizations by those features (test / dev).


Hi @grra,
I am not sure what's 'Explore' Tab, can you show a screenshot?
If it's discover or somewhere in visualization, you can query with something like this:
case:test or case:dev

if you want to split a visualization by these features, use a filters aggregation in your visualization.

Thanks for quick reply,

What i mean was Discover Tab, sorry.

In that way, the entries are filtered which have "text" oder "dev" in any place of the value.

Is it possible to get all case entries which BEGIN with test/ ?

hey @grra, do you have 'case.keyword' field too? You need to make sure the field is searchable and aggregatable and then if it is, case.keyword:test* or case.keyword:dev* should work fine.

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