Filter on fields.keyword doesn't return all values


When i do a simple query filter i have no results returned.

But i do have the requested field value.

Here is what i get in kibana when i want to filter on domaineA.keyword:


(as we can see only few values are available)

This is what i get when i display all my values :

(here we can see that i have way more values than displayed before)

Finally here is sample of my data :

And here my query with the result i got:

Hi @Enzo_RC,

Does it show different values if you start typing in the autocomplete field? If there are too many results, you need to start typing in order to see additional values.

This is because there is a limit to the terms aggregation size, which isn't currently configurable. Check out this thread for more info: Filter dropdown in discover shows only 10 values

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