How to view multiple fields in kibana add filter section

i am unable to see multiple filters in add filter field of kibana, can someone suggst anything as i cannot find anything in kibana settings

Can you explain a little more what you are looking to do? If you want to add more than one filter you can just keep clicking Add filter to add more than one.

i am not able to view all the items of the filter, i think it is showing only 10 items like below,

for example, i am searching for an item barcelona, which exists but only shows when i type it but does not show in filter value

Please suggest how i can view all the values of the filter utem

Ahh I see, thanks for the screenshot.

I think 10 results is by default and you need to type out what you are looking for to find others. What you are looking to do is see all XXX items that are in the filter and just scroll down to see them, correct?

Yes, thanks exactly if you could suggest something to view all the items by just scrolling down it will be really helpful

@hemant_472 unfortunately I do not think that is possible in the filter window. That is set to 10 by default and can't change it. If you need to see all options you can see them in Discover.

@aaron-nimocks can you please let me know how i can view all the values of the filter in the discover section

It wouldn't be a filter in Discover. I was just saying select the field you want on the left side and then the results will show all the data for that field. That is just if you want to see all the data for that field.

I'm not sure what exactly you are trying to solve.

ok, actually we wanted to verify if all the values of a field are parsed, because right now we have to check it one by one but we have a lot of values,

Depending on how many you have then Discover is probably the best bet. Select the index, select the field, and adjust the time filter if it's time series data and you can see them all.

If you are checking for empty values you can enter a filter to check if it's empty or not to see those results.

ok @aaron-nimocks thanks i will try this option

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