Filtering by fIeld not suggesting/showing any values


I am using ELK stack version 5.5.0 .
I am not able to see suggestions or autocomplete values in filter by filed section of kibana.

I tried even with fileld .keyword but its not suggesting any values.

Please help me solve it.

My kIbana :

Expecting something like below :


Can someone please help solve this.


Can someone please address this issue ?


Please look into the issue ?
its been a week and no reply and its quite disappointing.

Sorry for the delay! Are you seeing any errors in the browser dev tools console?

Hi @lukas thanks for the reply.

I am not getting any errors in the browser dev tool console

I'm just trying to filter the data for only last 15 mins logs and i cant able to debug whats wrong with it and why its not able to suggest the values

Please help me solve it