Filtering one index with another

So I know there is no connection between 2 indexes in Elasticsearch. However some times its impossible to completely denormalize the data. For example I have the following two indexes

  1. Parent Index
  2. Child Index.

One of the data element on the parent index is salary. I want to filter and analyze how many children do people with 100K or greater income have. I would have to first filter the parent index with salary>100K and then whatever parent IDs I get I have to filter the child index down with.

Is there any way this is possible? I cannot bring fields like income to the child index. And the reason why these indexes need to be separate is because they have elements that just dont below in the other index and combining them would be unnecessary duplication of data.

I think the best option is to add the data to the index from the other index pre-indexing.
Otherwise, you can look at the enriching process


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