Filtering visualitations in dashboard


I need to filter some visualitations by the nomenclature of the devices on a unique dashboard by sections, for example: at the top show the CPU use average of the devices that contains in the hostname "AAA", "CCC", "FFF", "GGG" and "HHH"; on the middle the same visualitations but of those whose hostname contains "BBB", "KKK" and "LLL". Right now the way i'm doing this is filtering individually each copy of the visualitation with: *AAA* OR *CCC* OR *FFF* OR *GGG* OR *HHH* but im noticing a bit of slowness.

Is this the right way to do that query?


Hello! I'm not sure if I get your question right. Can you tell me which dashboard are you using? Or maybe a picture would be good. Thanks!

I am using the [Metricbeat System] Overview dashboard. I am modifying it adding the same visualitations but with differents filters, but there are too many filters that my environment cant handle it.

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