Need to filter metrics from clusters which its being sent from


Current situation is all logs from different cluster are mixed in the same index.

We are using metric beats which is running as daemon sets in a cluster. We need same dashboards where we could list out the clusters so that person who views this dashboard could use same dashboard to view different cluster metrics. Is there any ways to do this in Kibana ?

Please suggest if there is any solution for this

if u are getting different cluster logs make sure that there is a unique filed to distinguish between the logs coming from different cluster else inject such a field. If u have such a field then use Control options in Visualize library you can get a drop down for fields which u mention there.

Hi @sidharth_vijayakumar Welcome to the community!

You can also use a control filter on any dashboard and use that to filter all the visualizations on that dashboard.

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Thanks @stephenb i have implemented the same.

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