Filter data from different inputs / beats

Hello Elastic-Team,
I have been using the ELK stack for about a month now. Now, I face the following Problem.
I use both, Metricbeat and Filebeat, as my input for elasticsearch. I visualized this data with a couple of Dashboards in Kibana. Now I want to combine data of both inputs into one Dashboard with several visualizations. By clicking a bar of a Visual Builder (for top processes), I'll be referred to a second Dashboard with further Information to that process. In addition, it automatically adds a query to the second dashboard for this chosen process. The query filters the data for this process. Now I want to add information from my filebeat-output to this process-dashboard, also using the information of the query to filter the information of the Logs to this specific process. Since these are two different inputs, the "" field from metricbeat does not exist as a field in my Logs coming from Logstash. Is there a way to filter the data in a visualization for the Logs using the information of the query (that means the chosen process) that is filtering the metricbeat-data already?
I can provide any further information to this issue incl. screenshots, if needed.

None of the Kibana visualizations have functionality to switch dashboards when clicked.

Most visualizations have the functionality to add a filter when a term in a visualization is clicked. You can pin the filters so that if you change to a different dashboard, or to Discover your results would be filtered.

And you can use a Markdown visualization in a dashboard to add a link from one dashboard to another. So if you combined the pinned filter and the markdown link I think you can get close to you're desired behavior.

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