Financial Year in Controls Visualization Options

Hi all,

I'm trying to display control visualization to show reports of a dashboard for 3 financial years ( Apr2021-Mar2022 & so on).

But I cannot show this financial year in my controls option?

from my date field, I can restrict date format and show only month( MMM-YYYY) or only year (YYYY).

But any way i can show my financial year option?

FY 2019-2020
FY 2020-2021
FY 2021-2022
FY 2022-2023
and so on.

The main issue is it is from Apr-Mar.

Now adding another field with Financial year seems only way.

Any ideas?

What version are you on?

You can add custom named Date ranges
Kibaba - Stack Management -> Advanced Settings -> Time filter quick ranges

You can create your own and remove the ones you don't want

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