Find average of max in each bucket

Hi, having trouble using Sibling aggregation in Kibana ()

I have records like following:


“EventId”: “123”,

“intPayloadNumber”: 234,

“someField”: “someValue”


I can have multiple records in Kibana for the same eventId.

What I need to do is find average of max intPayload across all events:

Step 1: For each eventId, I need to find MAX value of intPayload field (Each eventId may have multiple intPayloads values).

Step 2: And then, find AVERAGE of result of Step 1 (Average of MAX across all eventIds)

I need to display it as single value on dashboard.

To do so, I selected Metric Visualization -> then in Metrics I selected “Average bucket” aggregation.

After that, in “Bucket “ tab, I selected Terms aggregation and specified my eventId field (basically, I assume it means group by eventId).

Then, in Metric tab, I selected “Max” Aggregation for “eventId” Field.

However, the result I see doesn’t match expected result.
Also, in Bucket -> Aggregation tab, I am confused with Size field: when I increase it - my result is also changing (I expect to see all eventIds being included in my aggregation)

Can you also try with this kind of setup in Visual Builder to see if you get the expected results?

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