Find IP in between two ranges

Hello Community,

I have two indexes. Index 1 contains a column of IP address. Index 2 contains 2 columns: the start subnet and end IP Address column. I want to find in which subnet range does the particular IP belong to? Please help.


Can you give an example?
Also provide your index mapping and data sample.


++ to providing more info.
A screenshot of a spreadsheet isn't that helpful unfortunately.

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example: say ip address from my second excel photo belongs to which range.
there are 9 ranges in my first excel sheet photo i.e start ip address to end ip address.
so the answer i expect is that this ip belongs to the ip) to ip) range

How many ranges you have?
one option is to create a scripted field and check the ranges.
With an if/else or switch/case statements.
It is not scalable, but if you need it for a low number of ranges it might work.


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